13 Mart 2005


cuma gunu, sinif arkadaslarimdan biriyle aramda söyle bir dialog gecti;

e - rapunzel rapunzel/ saclarin ne guzel/ yalniz biraz daha uzatsan/ kaleye tirmanmalarini saglasan?
f - birilerinin kaleye tirmanmasini isteyen kim?

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Anna dedi ki...

aaah i just saw your reply to my comment :)
i saw OKUL movie last week (a friend burned it for me in cd and gave me spanish subtitles lol).. i think it was more of a cute movie (especially the end) than a horror movie :P
and yea ive heard about kevie's turkish gf, i guess thats why he's been there for so long lol :D but its cool.
im glad you liked my blog layout.. it has an opeth layout now. i luv them. and that is in portuguese, thats why you cant understand much. as i cant understand yours :]
so, its just SO AWESOME you've met kev lol thats a DREAM for me. :P
thx and tk care,


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